Santarcangelo is home to the most amazing little place - the Button Museum. I finally had the chance to visit with Susan and once we'd walked in, I knew I had to take as many photos as possible to share. The place was so beautiful! The small cavern on the side of a street that leads up to the old town, packed with displays of buttons, all arranged by date and material, is a must-see for any button lover. Seriously, this place is button heaven. The lovely folks who run the museum know their stuff, too - they've lived and breathed buttons all of their lives and all of their knowledge and passion is there for everyone to see.

And what could be better than the wonder of all these fabulous historical and beautiful buttons on display? Being able to own some of them. Excess buttons are sold to help fund the museum, so anyone visiting could potentially own some of the most sought after vintage buttons. Susan went home with number of original buttons for her vintage designs, and given half a chance, I suspect she would have gladly bought the remainder of stock.

Jealous much?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead