Remember Chunkeanie, the Hat knit for Valentina's brother? Her brother loved it but unfortunately it met it's fate with a washing machine, and being pure made from pure Shetland wool, it didn't fare too well.

And so Valentina asked me if I could knit him another, trading again for a massage. Only this time, I figured I'd knit it from a machine washable wool. I found something suitable, in grey, in our local yarn store. Adrian Wool's 'Orso' is a bulky yarn with 30% Dralon. Not normally a fibre I'd used, but blended with Alpaca and Wool, it's pretty soft next to the skin. The bulky yarn felt a little odd as I've been working with much finer gauges of late, but it wasn't practical to use anything too fine as it would take too long to knit. And he wanted warm, and this would be just that.

Oh, and he asked if perhaps we could make it just a little bit longer. The fashion here is all about these long, over sized but not slouchy beanies. And so I obliged with The Long Beanie.

It's different to Chunkeanie, not only because of the change in yarn and gauge. The crown structure is different, and The Long Beanie has a stocking stitch body compared to the reverse stocking stitch of it's predecessor. It is a simple knit, ideal for beginners or anyone wanting something mindless to knit in front of the TV. And it really is super quick to knit, and a regular length version even more so.

As is my way, a pattern has been written. Even with 3 sizes and notes on knitting a regular beanie, it only took about 15 minutes to write - practice definitely makes pattern writing easier! And it's free, too: The Long Beanie.

Enjoy! And now I'm off to organise more back end stuff for Bambeanies. The book will contain a wee technical section, and that's today's focus.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead