We had another Bambeanies photo shoot yesterday afternoon, with a most beautiful little girl, and I can't wait to show you some photos! Whilst I'm working away on editing and getting some other technique shots ready for the illustrator, can I ask a favour or two?

Firstly: I need some help with the naming of the Bambeanies patterns. Now, admittedly, you haven't seen most of them and usually I would share photos of Hats in need of a name but this time I'd thought it'd be more fun not to show you photos. Y'see, what I'm after is fun, cheery, mischievous, child-like names, random words even, and the element of surprise seems to fit so well. They can be made up words too; they don't have to have any real meaning beyond sounding fun.

So what I'm asking is this: leave a comment with some fun words/names and I'll match them to the patterns (there are about 6 still in need of names, if not more!) and the ones that are chosen will win a PDF copy of the book when it's released later in the summer. How does that sound? You'll need to leave your email address in the comment field so I can contact you when you win.

To help you get going, and give you a flavour of what I'm after, here are a few of the names that I've already chosen and belong to Hats in the book:








Can you see the sort of thing I'm after? Can you think of any words that would fit? If so, leave a comment! Please tell me as many fun words that you can think of, and I'll have fun later going through them.

Secondly: do you remember way back when I did the head sizing survey? Well, the lovely Kate @ TotToppers is wanting to build on exisiting data and is collecting additional measurements. I'm super glad she's doing this, as it's something I've been wanting to do for a while but really haven't had the time to do.

I know how hard it is to jolly up enough interest and to get as many folks as possible to take their measurements and enter the data, so I'm asking if you'd be kind enough to help her. It doesn't take long and she's got a nifty little survey tool set up, so please, please help and go and measure your head!

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