After a week of sunshine, a week where we worked hard painting walls and building toilets and spring cleaning and generally making the garden and the bus look as pretty as we could in time for the wee dude's first proper birthday party, it decided to rain.

And for a party planned outside, with bouncy castles and climbing frames and fresh white walls, the rain is most unwelcome. Thankfully there was a plan B, and the upperdeck was cleared and tidied.

And really, isn't a birthday party on the upper deck of a silver double double decker bus far more cool anyway?

Aran had the most memorable day. He was spoilt rotten with amazing gifts and most importantly, he had an awful lot of fun and really felt that the day was *his* special day. We have a lot of people to thank for helping to make today the day that it was.

And after all the worry of hosting that first proper birthday party, we can now relax. The shades and hoody were gifted by Lucia; the little dude is seriously stylin'!

ETA/ we had a theory that Aran's fear of the bouncy castles (which we thought he'd overcome last summer) caused him to wish for rain on his birthday. The fact that the sun is again shining bright this morning means that this theory could be true, and that the wee dude is able to control the weather. Mebes.

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