This months Hat in the Ravelry group's knit-a-long is Spring Cap:

and already there are some lovely finished Hats being shared! Do head on over and join us, it's the perfect Hat for the warmer weather.

This week is all about pattern writing (for the Bambeanies Hats) so they can go off to my lovely test knitters, and prepapring for Aran's first proper birthday party this sunday. The wee dude will be 3 years old, and we figured he'd be wanting a decent party, complete with bouncy castle and cake and more.

Preparing for the party means not only a thorough tidy up, but trying to do all those jobs we've been meaning to do for some time. So Tom's building us our new toilet (which is more exciting than it sounds) and I'm painting external walls and tidying up the garden. The sun has been shining all week (although it's been freezing at night - kinda odd to wake up to frozen pipes when the sun is glaring through the curtains) so it's the ideal time to be outside.

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