Thank you all for the throughtful comments you've left on the idea of a monthly pattern club. Quite quickly you've helped me decide that this isn't something that I'm going to take on, for a few of reasons. It seems that releasing a (self published) pattern monthly and offering a coupon code through the current newsletter is the way to go, especially if it's linked in with the monthly KAL. That way, folks can choose if they want the pattern or not without a commitment (other than signing up to a free newsletter!) and it's much simpler all round for everyone. This won't be starting immediately though, I still need to make sure I have enough patterns ready! Am thinking maybe September?

I did wonder whether monthly clubs worked better with tangibles, and your feedback seems to confirm this. I love working with indie dyers and yarnies, and have several new exciting projects in the pipeline. Yet negotiating and arranging a monthly deal takes a fair chunk of time and effort for all parties, not to mention the commitment, and that's really not an avenue I want to go down. Not every business idea works for every business, and I do think the monthly pattern release + coupon code through the newsletter is a good compromise.

Now that Bambeanies is progressing quickly, would you like to see some teaser shots? We haven't had the first photo shoot yet, so these are a few quick shots taken of the Hats on Aran (taken over breakfast, whilst he was suitably distracted) to give my lovely test knitters something to work from. We've one little girl lined up for modelling and I may try to get another, too. Some new photography skills have been aquired, and shoot locations and styling have been planned.

Talking of indie dyers, nearly all of the yarns used so far in the book are hand dyed by some of your favourite yarnies. And I also realised that there are a couple of projects that could benefit from kitchener stitch (wonder how that happened? ;) so a wee tutorial will be included in the book for that.

And now we must get ready and head for the swimming pool - sunday morning is family swimming morning.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead