The download stats tell me that nearly everyone who has purchased the Going Straight e-book through Ravelry has downloaded the 3rd edition, and I'm itching to hear what you think about it! Any thoughts and feedback? Are you finding the charts an improvement? The changes are subtle, so you may not immediately notice a difference.

I'm supposed to be having some time off this week, but we all know that I totally fail at that. To keep my mind and fingers busy, I've been working through the things at the bottom of my to-do list, the sort of things that always stay at the bottom of any to-do list. And one of those things was the free patterns.

Don't worry, they're not disappearing, but they're now no longer Ravelry downloads. The links on Rav will send you over here, to the relevant pattern page, where the PDFs are stored in my own little part of cyperspace. If you've found the freebies through another site, like Knitting Pattern Central, then nothing has changed.

Why? Ravelry is a huge and influential part of the online knitting world, but this website is at the centre of my online knitting world, and so it makes sense to have everything Woolly Wormhead stem from here where possible. The patterns are still listed on Ravelry and they're now only one extra click away. I figured one extra click wasn't a high price for a free pattern :)

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