As well as building my office, Tom's been beavering away on the other areas on the top deck, namely Aran's bedroom and our bedroom. Some of you have asked questions about the bus and you can find many more photos in this blog post from last year. Others have asked about stash and Hat storage, and I'm planning another blog post to reveal how we've stored it all. My office isn't quite finished, or rather, I'm not fully settled in, and there should be more photos within the next week.

The first area that needed attention was our bedroom and the clothes storage. All of our stuff was scattered around the top deck, so before we could map out my office our space needed organising properly.

Living in a bus or a truck or a trailer is very different from living in a house or flat (apartment) - one of the biggest problems is condensation and damp, which is much more apparent in a vehicular home than a bricks and mortar one. Closed off storage might suit many homes but here, an open plan system allows the air to move and help prevent damp and mould building up. And we like things open plan anyways, it adds a feeling of space. Drawers are ok for small things that don't sit on shelves too well, and we tend to leave them slightly open to let the air in.

The right side wall of my office has provided some extra hanging space for all our light fleeces and jackets that otherwise end up in a pile somewhere. Underneath this window (which is on the opposite wall to the chest of drawers in the photo above) is a built in blanket box, where most of my stash and Hat samples are stored. It doubles up as a handy seat in our bedroom, which is where visiting cats like to hang out.

At the very opposite end of the top deck from our bed is Aran's bedroom. Where his bed is hasn't changed much, except Tom's taken the slide out. I rather liked the slide but Tom feels it takes up too much space, so we're going to see how little dude gets on without it. It does open up the space under his bed more without it, and that's where father and son like to set up their Scalextric.

Under Aran's bed you can see a portable electric heater. We've got these in for this winter, not to use as a main source as they're far too costly to run and really not very good for preventing condensation - our wood burner stove down stairs provides the main heat source and warms the whole bus well. The electric heater is set to come on for an hour in the morning before we wake up, the point when the stove is at it's lowest output and the bus is on the cold side, which makes waking up in the morning a little bit easier without costing the earth. (and when the heater is running it isn't directly under Aran's bed - that's simply where we store it during the day!) They'll also come in handy as emergency heating if/when the real cold weather sets in (it's another bright sunny day with a temperature of 13degC again - it's supposed to be December!)

Looking from the far end to towards the stairwell, we can see the biggest change in Aran's bedroom - he now has walls and a desk and shelving all of his own!

The wall to the left is the left-hand wall of my office - the wall is looking a little bland right now but we've plans to create a big photo collage of all of Aran's friends and family to hang there.

Aran is super chuffed with his own desk and shelves and is spending every spare minute at them. We kinda figured that he'd like them, seeing as he kept trying to claim my office as his own until Tom built him this lot. Now he's got the same as Mummy and that makes him feel very grown up. He's even got his own (broken) laptop in there, though he does know it's broken and has taken to nagging Tom to fix it...

Tom's done a grand job, hasn't he? There's still more small things to be done, like the underbed storage for the last of my stuff, and a curtain for the entrance into Aran's space, but all in all, the top deck is pretty much finished. And boy, does it feel good.

This week has been so, so different to last week, and it's been therapeutic to throw myself into a home project. The recent mild weather has given us a rare chance to do lots of little extra jobs to better prepare us for winter, like blocking up drafts, adding extra lining to curtains and the like, which is very rewarding to do.

That said, I'm now about a week behind with work work, admin and stuff, and the worry and stress of that is starting to eat away at the good feelings this week has provided. Still, now that I'm in my office, once I've caught up and settled in, I should be ten times more efficient. Best I'd get on then..

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