It's not really my Making Monday today, it's Tom's.

At last, my office is being built. It's not quite ready yet, and as I type Tom's putting in the last small shelf. Then it needs another lick of paint from me and a few lights, and I reckon I could be moving in some time this week.

This was the space 2 weeks ago, when Tom started to put in the shell:

We used Ikea Gorm shelving units for the shell - they're pretty cheap, ready cut and adaptable. The office is being built opposite the stairwell, in the space between our bedroom and Aran's bedroom. Our bedroom is basically a bed with clothes storage built at the foot, whereas Aran has 2/3 of the top deck for his bedroom.

The walls in a bus aren't square, they taper, being narrowest at the top by quite a noticeable amount, so Tom spent a fair bit of time trimming the shell to fit the space perfectly. The pine shelves were straight forward but the ply walls were much trickier, and ply isn't cheap here, and Tom took his time getting it right.

And here it is this morning:

It doesn't have any windows, although there is a window opposite, above the stairwell. We could have left it more open but Aran needs a boundary, and I don't want to lay in bed and see into my office, and so it gets walls. We'll add more lighting over the next few days, Tom put the electrics in yesterday.

(the wall isn't really bowed like that - that angle is created by the camera lens. The stairwell makes it tricky to get a square-on shot!)

There is floor to ceiling storage and is deceptively much bigger than it looks. I mean, it's not big by most people's standards; most folk I know have offices bigger than Barp. But you know us, we live in a bus and we make clever use of nooks and crannies; no space is left unused. Dimension wise, it's about the same size as the office I had in our old flat; not as deep, but wider.

I won't be painting all of the wood but the back wall, where I'll be adding memo boards and such, needs another coat. I may paint the outside in the summer, but for now, the finish on the ply is good enough. The pine shelves can remain unfinished, they'll only get loaded up anyway.

The wall on our bedroom side has provided extra hanging space which is very handy (especially for the man that has too many fleeces).

Aran also has a new book shelf and desk behind the stairwell, and that, combined with the other wall on the office, defines Aran's room. It's still very much open plan, we won't be closing off any spaces with doors and such as we want the air to flow and the space to feel open. We will though hang a curtain on Aran's side for a little privacy, now that the wee dude is up and about playing with his toy cars at the crack of dawn.

More photos & details will follow once it's painted/lit/occupied.

I can't believe it's almost done. After all these years, I'm going to have a space of my own once again! A positive start to the week, wouldn't you agree?

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