I trust everyone has had happy and healthy holidays? We spent xmas day with friends here on The Yard and we're only kinda recovering... don't know about anyone else, but these post-xmas-pre-new-year days can be a bit strange!

Aran's fully into the swing of the whole present receiving thing, and keeps insisting that Babbo Natale has yet more presents to deliver for him. This year's haul was pretty impressive - DVDs, books, a personal computer in the shape of Lightening McQueen (that plays all sorts of brain exercise games), trucks and model cars, an abacus and much, much more.

The favourite though seems to be the wooden train track that we picked up in Ikea, and we can easily add to it in future, too (hint, hint).

Aran insisted the track be set up and mingled with the various electric racing car sets that we have, and so the boy's bedroom has been turned into the ultimate racing den for 3 year olds. (there is more, and it keeps growing)

As for us grown-ups, we did treat ourselves to the odd little bits that we've not bought throughout the year (new zoom lens for my camera, new processor for Tom's PC etc) and all of it is currently stuck in the UK, which means we'll have fun with that little lot in the new year. We did though receive matching slippers from my mum, same size and same colour so that we can't argue (Tom's only half a size bigger than me and he's always stealing my stuff), and we both agree, they're the most comfortable things we've ever put on our feet. With bacterial beating lining, too.

There was also plenty of eating and drinking but we don't have any photos of that, which is probably a good thing. Oh, but if you get the chance, do try some Hazelnut Baileys. It's the best. Ever. (and you only have to pour a dribble of it into some Fake Baileys to make that taste top notch, should you wish)

Besides all the festivities, there's been plenty more gift knitting. Soon enough I'll be able to share most of it, but for now, here's a couple of woollies that have hopped off my needles this week:

I do hope you've all had a great time so far! Me, I'm looking forward to the New Year - it's always my favourite celebration. And I can't wait to see the back of 2011, it's been a bit of a rotten year.

ps/ Tom's queried a phrase or two from today's post, hinting that it sounds a little... harsh. Hmm. Maybe my turn of phrase is bit off or Tom's not quite on the same page today, but either way, I've edited to sound a little less dry. What was that again about these few days being a bit strange?

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