My needles have started disappearing in Tom's den, later to be discovered down the back of the sofa. My stash is dwindling and my favourite yarns keep going for a walk. Tom's share of the chores are being neglected and suddenly, I'm in competition.

Tom told me that I created this monster when I taught him how to knit, and only have myself to blame.

(actually, he's instantly got a grip on how a stitch is constructed and it might actually be possible to put this new found skill to other uses. Seriously. His purling-in-the-round tension is almost perfect, not a single newbie imperfection to be found)

In the last week and a half, we've knitted 8 Hats and 7 scarves. Some folk are getting xmas presents, some getting new year presents, and some aren't getting woolly presents at all.

The non-stop gift knitting is almost done, and I'm looking forward to having the regular Tom back; the one who plays computer games all day and moans that I knit too much.

(actually, I fib, He doesn't play computer games all day & doesn't moan that often about my knitting. But you know what I mean, when your playground gets want them to clear off back to their own playground, right?!)

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