..we've had a few wee photo shoots of late - some for secret projects, others for new designs that are all set to be published in the New Year, and I thought, what the heck, might as well share some of them, right? (not the secret projects ones, though..)

This first new Hat is called North Lyme.

The pattern has been ready for some time but the photos haven't; another one that seems to make Silvia look very pale, even though the style suits her perfectly. After the first shoot we did for this Hat we all agreed that it needed something livelier to be photographed against, something that would set it off and enhance it's urban feel. And when we found this fairground ride in town, we knew we'd found our perfect location. Except all those bright lights wreaked havoc with the camera settings (well, they did for me. I ain't no pro) and after a bit of fiddling, I'm please to say that Silvia no longer looks a strange shade of orange.

The Hat comes in 2 flavours - fitted beanie with a lovely deep brim, or a slouchy with a regular depth brim and envelope finish at the crown. This sample is knit with Oasis from Anzula yarns, which is a dreamy blend of camel and silk. Uber soft, with the most amazing stitch detail and drape.

North Lyme is set to be published the beginning of January, and if you've signed up the newsletter, you may find that a wee discount code will land in your inbox sometime at the start of the new year.


Scheduled to be released in early February is Arkanoid - a geometric slouchy Hat. Another Hat in 4ply, this time using BabyLongLeg's SemiPrecious 4ply. Merino & silk - yum yum!

This Hat can be worked as a beanie or slouchy - and as the pattern hasn't gone through all the hoops yet (it's due to go to test knitting this week, then onto tech editing) I could add notes for the beanie version, too. Of all the new patterns, this one is the most adaptable, size-wise, and will include a fair few for you to choose from.

Strange, as this uber bright green posed us very few problems when we took the photos - clearly my camara likes the brights!


This isn't a new design and these aren't even new photos... they were taken maybe 2 1/2 yrs ago? Mushroom Cap was one of my first patterns published, and my first published crochet pattern. Yet after a short time I took all the crochet patterns down, as I knew they weren't up to the same standard as my knit ones, and the job of improving them got added to (the bottom of) my to-do list and they've been waiting ever since.

I've been working with a very patient crochet tech editor, who has been guiding me through terminology and the differences between crochet and knit patterns, and the best ways of explaining different aspects, and in particular with Mushroom Cap, how to change colours without messing up the stitch count. And I really appreciate her time and patience, as I've had a lot to learn!

Only 3 crochet patterns were originally published, and of those 3, only this one will make it back to publication. I don't have the other samples anymore to photograph and the patterns were pretty basic and not as interesting in shape or style as this one. 

In terms of publications dates Mushroom Cap should be ready for the new year, with the aim of releasing it at the same time as North Lyme. And I hope then to have some time to explore crochet design and pattern writing some more!


Hmm... and looking at all of these, I could have named this blog post 'New photos of Silvia'... I promise we have lovely photos of Alyx but they're for the secret project! Sorry Alyx; soon my dear, soon :)

The New Year holds promise - these new patterns, secret projects that will slowly unfold - and right now, it all feels very positive.


ps/ have you seen the Norwegian/Norsk translations page? I've struck a trade deal with a Norwegian yarn store owner and it's working out really well so far. She translates the patterns for me, and has also offered Norwegian support, and in return, she gets a license to resell the patterns in her shop, mostly in kits. We'll be adding many more of the next few weeks. It's one of those deals that's a win-win for both parties, and Marit has been wonderful to work with. And I'll certainly be considering more languages in future if I can work something similar out! 

Yep, the new year is looking very promising indeed :)

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