A few of the folks that live here are often commissioned to create sculptural or light-based installations for the town to be displayed during the festive season. This year, this tree was the big new piece of work, and it is amazing.

This piece was developed by Nicky and a local architect (whose name I keep forgetting - sorry!). At the core is a steel structure and the mosaic like effect is actually reclaimed plastic bottles, cut into squares and ironed. All of the local schools helped collect the plastic bottles, and the kids helped create all the squares. A community project.

There are 2 entrances to the tree, enabling you to go inside and get a real feel for the scale and atmosphere. Here you can see the wee dude enjoying the opening night, whereby little people ran round and around inside, after filling themselves up with the free chocolate and bread on offer!

From the inside, looking up to the top, giving you a real sense of scale and proportion.

And of course, I love all the circular features!

When we were in town at the weekend for a photo shoot for a bunch of new designs, we thought we'd try and photograph Corella inside the tree.

For some reason, that shade of green hasn't been especially flattering with either Silvia or Alyx to the camera's eye, but I think this time it's looking much better. I hadn't sent this one to my distributors yet, as I didn't want them printing up photos that I wasn't happy with, and it's now merrily on it's way to them. 

The glass effect of the plastic bottles looks very different in daylight, and it's really effective as a background, too. We had a few problems with Silvia looking somewhat green but I think we've made her skin tone look closer to normal now..

The Xmas lights hanging around town were made by folks here too, but we haven't taken many photos yet this year, and I promise we'll be out and about one evening real soon, and will share a few shots once we have them. 

AuthorWoolly Wormhead