We met Yards of Yarn for coffee saturday afternoon and had a lovely time (my first knit-date in Italy!) and while we were chatiing about yarn and knitting, as you do, I was reminded how many designs in progress there are on my needles.

These spirals are almost done, yet the Hat hasn't been worked in since spending a whole weekend intensely joining them. Literally all this needs is a few smaller spirals at the front, a few extra at the back for the neck decoration then all the ends sewing in.  I've even planned the photoshoot for this one yet I can't finish it.


This slouchy stripey design hasn't progressed anywhere since I last blogged about it, which is rather shameful. Still, it hasn't been ripped out so there's till hope.


Some garter stitch in ShibuiKnits Baby Alpaca DK (which is more a sportweight, really). The knitting for this piece is all done, it's waiting for me to construct it then write about it. Or rather, waiting for me to experiment with it's construction, work out a way to be happy with it, photograph each stage then get illustrations done for each photograph and THEN write about it. The knitting is the easy bit, and unfortunately, with this design you have to do the easy bit first. It will be gorgeous though, and clever!


And more garter stitch (I'm loving the garter stitch right now) in Adriafil Regina. This is one design that knows exactly what it wants to be, yet this isn't the right yarn for it - it wants to be more... woolly. The yarn is lovely; a machine washable merino, but too smooth for this Hat, methinks.


Another design that knows exactly what it should be. Except I don't have enough of the 2nd colour. That, and the fact that I think it would work better bottom up rather than top down but I can't play with that just yet because the bottom of the Hat is in the 2nd colour. It's worked along the same theme as Alfur, and is the same kind of woolly yarn that the one above needs (this one is KnitPicks Wool of The Andes). Mebes I should allow myself to a bit of retail therapy and order some, yes? (us European folks can now get KP yarns from Great British Yarns)


This was a rather long swatch over the weekend, and having decided which was the best stitch pattern, it was ripped out to be cast on for the first trial run. And then I didn't seem to like it. I know what it wants to be, and it needs more playing around with; it wants to be a sideways knit Hat with a decorative button band, and how the button band is incorporated makes all the difference. The yarn is KnitPicks City Tweed, which I rather like, I must say.

Hmm... this seems like a rather long way of saying that I have a bad case of startitus. I've made a promise to myself not to start any new ideas until at least 2 of these are finished... and let's not mention the fact that I'm supposed to be having a break...

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