When it comes to Hat shapes (or rather, Hat structures and construction, as they determine the shape!) I go through phases. It's how they are constructed, and the maths behind each one that fascinates me, and it could probably keep me going for another twenty years, easy. 

And right now, I'm loving pixie Hats. I can play with shape and be as quirky as I like because, well, they're pixie Hats and they should be quirky. Pointy things are good when you need to push the boundaries and play with the rules. They're unique, and they allow us to throw caution to the wind and let loose. Every time I see one, my inner child smiles.

So here's a few of my current faves:

Quynn (which has quickly become Bambeanies biggest hit!)


Álfur (scheduled for release next month)

None of my adult pixie designs have done as well as the kiddy ones, which I guess is kinda obvious, but still saddens me a little. I mean, why should the little people have all the fun!

And to carry on with the theme, what would be your Friday Favourites, and why?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead