Pavone, which was originally published with The Knitter, is now available as a single pattern. I love working with magazines that not only have a great reputation but also respect the work of their designers by offering terms where rights revert back. 

Originally knit in Old Maiden Aunt's Alpaca/Silk DK, you'll find the pattern ideal for any lightweight DK or sportsweight yarn with some drape. Coming in a range of 5 sizes, ithere's plenty of room for differences in yarn weights.

The slouch factor is as adjustable as you'd like it to be - the stitch pattern is relatively short, and it's be pretty easy to add more or less length. Further more, the crown shaping is flexible enough to fit in with your modifications. It isn't a super easy pattern; there will be multiple yarnovers to work together, and the brim is a combined alternate cable and cable cast-on, and the notes are included for you. It's interesting enough to keep you going, yet not too complex as to stall you. Just the right mix.

If you're on the mailing list, there'll be a special something going out for this pattern, so go ahead and sign up to get the discount. Future promotions (i.e. discounts, free patterns etc) won't be tooted on this blog.. I'm cool with talking about new patterns & stuff I've been designing yet I'd sooner keep the promotional stuff to the newsletter - it feels a little strange mixing the promotional and personal on this 'ere blog and I'd rather keep the blog on the personal side. I promise not to spam you if you sign up, simply inform you of new releases & great deals, and heck, you can always unsuscribe if it doesn't suit you!

It'll be heading to all of my distributors within the next week, and will be available in yarn shops real soon, so do look out for it.


AuthorWoolly Wormhead