If you've got a copy of Twisted Woolly Toppers, you'll know there's some offbeat cables used (specifically for shaping) and they have some unusual chart symbols to go with them. It was very important to me to not compromise the patterns for shaping, and so these manoeuvres were born. Not being able to find any adequate chart symbols to represent them, I had a set commissioned as a font from my drawings. Kristle Chester was the font developer, and I willingly recommend her if you need anything done.

For a long time I uhmmed and ahhed about releasing the font, and decided to release it a year after TWT was published, or thereabouts. Then the very clever Cathy at Stitch Mastery developed her fantastic font set, which not only covers cabled decreases, but much, much more besides. Not wanting to throw a spanner in the works and release mine too close, I sat on it for a while. Until now.

The Woolly Font is now shared, and you can download it free! There's no license, feel free to use it as you will, I only ask that you don't share the file - please link back to it's page. And if you like the Woolly Font, you might wanna go look at Stitch Mastery. Seriously, that is one amazing font set, something the knitting design world has been waiting for for a very long time. I bought it and it works on Linux perfectly.

Thankfully November is drawing to a close, the busiest month of the year in this woolly bus-hold. The final installment of the Mystery KAL has been released, and in roughly 36 hours both patterns will be revealed and will revert to their full price, so now's your last chance to get them at the bargain price. Alfur will be published in a few days time, the rights for Pavone have now reverted back and that's been republished - 'busy' would be an understatement! I'm behind on my emails, backlogged with admin, but December is just around the corner and that normally allows a little breathing room.

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