Jimmy, our most frequent feline visitor, has gotten himself into a bit of a mess. The evil feral tom that likes to terrorise the cats around here has beaten up this soft ginger lump (again) and now the wound needs a bit if help to get better. He'll be fine. He has to wear the cone of shame and we have to keep him indoors as much as possible, which is easier said than done when a) he's spent most of his life outside and b) he's not even our cat.

So now we're being kept awake by this great big softie sitting on our heads and squeaking at us because he wants to be let out at 3am. Or maybe have some more food. Who knows. He's a real-life Garfield. It's kinda strange having a cat around full time again. 

On the knitting front, the project in progress I shared in my last post is all finished and blocked already. I will reveal more about it in good time (there's normally a good reason for only sharing a teaser shot!) and late last night, the fingers got itchy again. Itchy for something quick; for something in garter stitch.

A quick rummage in my stash late last night turned up the leftover yarn from Lollie in Twisted Woolly Toppers. It's a bulky weight single ply from Abuelita yarns and is perfect for next-to-the-skin-knit-it-in-an-evening knitwear. So, after a quick bit of maths, I provisionally cast on and got knitting.

And then this morning I grafted it. Then wrote the pattern. And then this afternoon Aran dressed up and let me take some photos of him in his new Hat.

Aran pulls off the moody look pretty well for a 3yo, huh?

It really is a super quick knit, and simple too. I've included links to the tutorials for provisional cast-on and klitchener, as well as a run down on how to graft garter stitch sans photos. And if you didn't fancy the graft it'd be pretty easy to seam (although a little bulky in this weight)

The top can be finished just about any way that takes your fancy - seam it flat for a square top that'd create ears when worn, or do a tri-peak or even gather it for a scrunchy look. Here I went with a 4 peaked top, which works really well with the garter stitch, which loves to stretch to fit.

And if you didn't already know, slip stitching through the ridges that you get along the edges of garter stitch gives a really nice finish. Simply thread the yarn through the base of the bump, then do the same along the next ridge on the adjacent edge, rinse and repeat. There's bound to be a name for this technique, but it's pretty easy to do, and very handy when you have side seams to be done in garter stitch (which, given how this is knit sideways, is what you have when finishing the crown)

And there we have Jimster. So called because that's one of our pet names for Jimmy ('scuse the pun) and, well, the colour bears an uncanny resemblance to our feline friend. A Hat named after a cat.

Jimster is a great, quick knit, which is perfect for practising skills and is suited to all skill levels. 4 sizes are included, and given how stretchy garter stitch is, you'll be able to make this Hat for anyone and everyone.

Have at it, folks!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead