(I can't believe these photos have been on my computer as long as they have without me sharing them you. Bad Woolly)

It's custom now that whenever a photo shoot is arranged for new designs, I grab a couple of older ones with the aim of getting a few fresh photos. This serves 2 purposes: a) it's a great way for me to practise and hopefully improve my photography skills and b) there's nothing better for demonstrating a design's versatility than photography the same Hat on different people in different places. So when our lovely friends Susan Crawford & co were over for a holiday in May, we took the chance to shoot a few of my classic designs on the gorgeous Charlie.

I gotta say, it's still a little odd seeing Charlie wearing one of my Hats - I'm so used to seeing her model Susan's designs, as I'm sure you are! Still, she wears it pretty well, don't you think? I rather think she enjoyed herself too - a total natural in front of the camera.

The photos on the original pattern aren't mine - I'd gifted my first sample of the Meret and one very kind knitter of the pattern was very generous in allowing me to use her photos within the pattern, thank you Marlenka for all your help! The popularity of the Meret has kept on growing at quite a rate, and now that more and more requests for republishing the pattern in various places are coming in, I figured I ought to get some photos that I not only own the copyright to, but are also high enough in resolution for printing.

These photos were taken in one of my favourite locations, The Time Machine. It's a large group built installation here on The Yard and I love the way it plays with the light, and how there are so many elements to it that seem to reflect the lines within the Hats. It never ceases to amaze me. Only today were we back in the same spot, for a photo shoot, and the light was different yet again. 

We took quite a few photos of the lovely Charlie in some of my Hats, which will all be part of a much bigger project, A Time For Hats. I'll explain more about it another time, as I'm trying not to weigh myself down with new book commitments, but it's something to look out for in the future.

The webpage for the Meret has been updated, as has the pattern file itself. Nothing else has changed within the pattern, and the updated version is now available for download. Once again, I'd like to thank Marlenka for her generosity in allowing me to use her photos within the pattern - the Meret wouldn't be where it is today without you!

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