Have you heard the latest podcast from Never Not Knitting? The featured story for this episode is from me! I was so chuffed to be able to offer a contribution, and let me tell you, it was harder than you think to record it all just right. I racked my brain for weeks trying to think of the right story. Writing the narrative so that it would all record smoothly was tricky too, and it took something like 8 attempts at the recording before it sounded as intended!

Do go and have a listen and let me know what you think!

And did you see the latest edition of Petite Purls, Fall 2011? Well, in this issue I'm their Renaissance Mom and it features not only a review of Bambeanies but also an interview! I did say things have been busy behind the scenes, right?

The Bambeanies blog tour is in full swing, and here's a round up of who has contributed so far. There have been lots of interviews and reviews and I hope they give some insight into my design process and how the book came to be. Everyone who has taken part has added their own element, and the whole tour is shaping up to be pretty amazing:

6th September

16th September

20th Septemberl

23rd September

27th September

30th September

Susan B Anderson

Ann Kingstone

Shannon Oakey / Knitgrrl

Suvi Simola / 50 villapeikkoa

Kate Oates / Tottoppers

Ruth Garcia / Rock + Purl

The blog tour isn't quite half way through yet, and there are plenty of great posts to come, so do keep an eye on the Bambeanies page where the list of stops is kept updated. 


I *keep* forgetting to mention that I've been slowly adding new tutorials that can be downloaded as PDFs. I've just uploaded the Resize Images for Print tutorial, which was originally posted as a blog post, and that can be found with the Reading PDFs and other digital info bits. More will slowly be added to build a bank of resources.

Just a reminder though - you are more than welcome to reference any of the tutorials, but please can you link to the page they can be found on, and not the PDF itself? Linking to the PDF drains my bandwidth and kinda defeats the point of hosting them on my site. Thanks for your understanding!

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