Have you noticed that new little widget at the end of each blog post that shows an excerpt from other related blog posts that may be of interest? Well, after clicking through and reading some old posts (not advised if you are the blog owner) a swift slap to head was given as I realised I had never posted the photos of my comfort knitting cardie

And so here it is:

It was finished back in November last year, and it's seen some wear since then (ahem, how many bobbles?). The pattern is the Garter Stitch Swing Sweater and my project is Ravelled here. I had some Yaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran hanging around in my stash, that had previously seen life as a Teva Durham jumper (with yarn tripled - bulky!) The plan was to max the yarn to get as much length as possible. As this one is a top down pattern, it fitted the bill perfectly. 

My modifications:

Cast on 90sts as suggested, which gave me a nice sized neck, not too tight or too loose. 

Didn’t do the 4 rows of st.st as the pattern suggested as I don’t like rolled stocking stitch edge on a garter body. Instead I used a crochet provisional cast-on as a main cast-on so that it would mirror a standard cast-off and give a finished look. One important thing I should note: if you use a cast-on where the very next row is the right side (i.e. crochet or cable cast-on) then the opening sits on the opposite side to that shown in the pattern photos.

The increase method was: kfb, K1, sm, kbf for balanced increases. Slipping stitches at beginning of a row is my normal habit and I’d concur with the pattern that it gives a nice edge!

I carried on increasing until there were 63 sts in each sleeve, 78 sts across the back, 46 sts on the wider front & 30 sts on the narrower front - 280 sts in total. When it came to separating for the sleeves/body etc, I cast on 3 sts under the armhole so that it didn’t pull in too much. = 160 sts for the body section after separating. The plan was to work the sleeves first, then use any remaining yarn for the body to maximise length (I'm longer than average in the torso, so extra length is a must). Sleeve length = 45 ridges, approximately 12in/30cm. Haven't measured the back, as soon I cast off just as I ran out of yarn and declared it finished! Longer sleeves would have been a bonus, but if they're too long and flared they kinda get in the way, so tend to prefer this sleeve style shorter.

And for the button lovers, this beauty came from the Textile Garden, who have the most amazing selection. I believe this one is horn and is about 2 inches in diameter.

And that necklace I'm wearing? Clicky here.

And there we have it - pretty good fit and shape, don't you think? It gets worn, a lot, hence the not so crisp look. And I'm mighty glad I finished it, too. Time rarely permits me to knit for myself or from other people's patterns, it's just not an option. A simple top-down affair was just the ticket - if I'd have taken on a more challenging or more fitted project I don't doubt it would still be on the needles (just like this one is....)

Have a knitterly weekend folks!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead