Occasionally, there comes someone or something that leaves an indelible mark, and John Peel was one of those people. He played music that celebrated the individual and that challenged the norm. He bought fringe to the mainstream and made it acceptable. This, and introducing me to so, so many new artists, makes him more than a bit special.

Here's a few of my faves that we have John Peel to thank for:

And that's barely the tip of the iceberg.

Someone said on Twitter earlier that they were still angry with the universe for taking John Peel away - I totally get that. One of the 'issues' of my depression is the feeling of being excluded. I'm an outsider and the difficulties of blending in and being accepted get a bit frustrating. In turn, I try and fit in, try and be who society expects me to be and before long, I'm lost. And then I get angry with the world, for making me feel as if who I am isn't good enough. Eventually I find my feet again; the confidence to be found in being different bounces back but is often short lived, and then the cycle starts all over again.

And so I want to thank John Peel for not just bringing a whole truck load of fantastic music to the masses, but for being a hero and allowing me to belong.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead