I've been fiddling with this website - what do you think?

The banner is a cropped detail of all the Bambeanies Hats together, and the full photo can be found in the book. I figured it was time for some colour; that old banner had been hanging around for too long. And then I had to change the menu bar and navigation colours to match... overall, I'm pretty pleased with it.

Mind, Tom has shown some concern lately, with this whole colour business. Last week in Ikea we spotted a new range of velvet upholstery fabric, which we both agreed we'd eventually like to re-cover the bus seating with (seeing as our fabric is pretty rubbish and why of why didn't Ikea have the velvet this time last year?) and I decided we should go for the deep purple. Tom's chin was scraping along the floor for a good 15 minutes.

This whole myth about me and black? Nonsense. 'Tis true that I can't stand pink and do wear a heck of a lot of black, but even I get fed up with the darkness.

(and it is a good sign - I always go through a sort of mad colour phase when I'm coming out of a blackhole. It doesn't always last long, so let's ride it while we can, right?)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead