Tom's always moaning at me about his lack of Hats. He moans that just about every Hat is either a gift for someone else, or is a pattern sample and isn't allowed near his head post photo shoot. He moans to me that the man who lives with the woolly Hat designer has very few woolly Hats.

This has now been rectified.

Originally the plan was to cast-on for  Ribbed Beanie, a simple no-brainer pattern that wouldn't require me to think. Heck, he didn't want me to design a whole new pattern for him, as he knew it'd end up in the banned-from-wearing pile. So I dug through my stash, which is a little thin on the ground when it comes to chunky yarn, and remembered that I had some of the TLKC Geko yarn leftover from designing and knitting the Geko Beanie. It's a particulalry nice yarn, and I love the natural colours it comes in; it's the ideal mens Hat yarn.

Armed with only 73g, which wouldn't normally be enough for a Tom sized Hat, I cast on remembering that the yardage for this yarn was way better than average. Having already swatched and learnt how it behaved, I didn't need to worry about running out. The gauge was slightly different to that of the other ribbed beanie pattern, but that was only a wee bit maths. Once knit, there was about 5g of yarn left.

Now, I've never been keen on how the crown shaping worked on the Ribbed Beanie, and if I'm honest, it's a pattern I really don't like at all. It was written back when I was learning the ropes and always saw it as an exercise rather than a design, if that makes sense?

So I changed it. And we do like this one much more.

I did think about updating the Ribbed Beanie pattern, but seeing as the crown shaping is different enough, and the change in yarn and gauge meant rejigging and the need for an additional (larger) size, I figured I ought to publish it separately. Seeing as I completely and utterly fail at making a Hat without writing down what I did.

The pattern for the Wide Ribbed Beanie can be downloaded from it's page, and I'll go add it to the Ravelry database now. 

Not a bad way to start a monday, with a free pattern, huh?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead