The first seasonal illness of this autumn has arrived - I could feel it coming last week when my chest started to feel heavy. Today I'm under the spare duvet watching a movie, with a stuffy head and runny nose. 

And as I sit here feeling all tired and achey, my brain starts whirring. Inspiration for new ideas has been a bit thin on the ground lately, and it'd be sods law that as I'm trying to rest, the ideas start coming. For the most part I'm making notes, as the ideas are coming as fragments, partial designs. Yet before I knew it, I'd got out my DPNs and cast on for a little top down number.

I shouldn't really be knitting, as my wrist is still all bruised and achey after a bit of an ordeal last week. So I blame the yarn. Y'see, it wanted to be this idea that I had in my head. The whole design is one that's worked itself out before I've even knitted a swatch, let alone made any notes or done any calculations. It's one of those, one that won't wait for me to get better.

And it's going so smoothly that it could all be done and dusted within days.

It's reminded me that for me, Hat creating isn't something that can be turned off. It's a need; a constant desire to make and experiment and explore. 

I'll be good though, and take it easy. I'm not looking to rush anything.

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