There was a good reason for cutting off my natural dreadlocks last spring. More than one, even. Firstly, I'd lost the love for my dreads - they were poorly and they just weren't making me happy anymore. And secondly, my hair (and scalp too, no doubt) were in desperate need of some TLC. Though of course none of this means that I didn't want dreadlocks anymore, just not the ones I had. And not until my hair had recovered some.

Enter the fabulous woolly dreads - they were light, fun and most importantly, temporary. The plan was to have them in for the summer and then once they'd served their purpose, go back to having short hair to allow it to recover sufficiently to maybe eventually have dreads again. Except that baby dreads were growing at the base of the extensions, and when the time came to remove the woolly ones I didn't have the heart to give the babies the chop.

And since then I've been in turmoil. Sure, I want dreads again and these babies were growing well. But it wasn't the right time, and my hair was still too poorly, and so, finally, the time came to cut them all off. Again.

The before shot. The baby dreads, my 4th crop of natural dreadlocks, making me look a little too Robert Smith for my liking.

After the first chop. I didn't cut them too close to the base so that we'd have some length to play with when it came to the final cut and style. And so what we have here are dread stumps.

This is absolutely the worst stage. Washing and conditioning helped remove the stumps, and the result is a headful of random fluffness. Those of you who also have thin, fine hair will empathise.

The after shot. Even without much of an effort (those eyebrows need some shaping, man!) my hair looks so, so much better. It's basically a clipper (buzz) cut with a slight quiff, nothing special ('tis the only style we know how to cut) but boy oh boy, I am much happier.

When my dreads came off last year, I wasn't ready for how thin and grey my hair had become. This time I was, and this time it's going to stay grey. Oh yeah, there'll be no more hair dye for me. And for the first time in ages, I like what I see in the mirror.

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