One of the things high on my list of 'must do regulary' is to get a massage. Valentina (who modelled Alveare; not to be confused with the Ukranian Valentina who modelled Propello) is a friend of the Yard, and a damn good massage therapist, and we'll be seeing a lot more of her this year.

When we saw her last week, she asked if I could make a Hat for her brother, as a trade. He knew what he wanted, and hopefully I've designed it just right.

This isn't a style that especially suits Tom, worn high and tall like this, though I have noticed how popular it is with young Italian men so I'm not surprised it's what Valentina's brother wanted. However, by having a deep ribbed brim, the design becomes more versatile and can be worn folded up for a more fitted, traditional look.

He wanted a simple style, and simple it is. The key details are the deep ribbed brim and the 4 point crown shaping, worked in knit stitches against a reverse stocking stitch background. I could have worked the decreases into the ground stitch yet I felt that working them symmetrically, as a feature, made a simple Hat a little more interesting.

He also wanted grey, and he wanted warm. And that's where this yarn comes into it's own. It's the new Shetland Chunky from Jamieson & Smith, and it's a little different to their regular yarns because it's worsted spun, rather than woollen. It comes in all the same lovely colours that J&S are known for, and it is seriously warm.

And so I present Chunkeanie, named as such because, well, it's a chunky beanie. There are a million and one simple beanie patterns out there already, I know. But you know me, I can't help but write a pattern for any Hat I make. And hey, it's a freebie and I even wrote in a couple of extra sizes...

We've been full of flu this week, so I apologise for the not so great photos.

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