Well, I guess that's a pretty unanimous decision then!

Bambeanies and Kinder Caps were our faves, but I'm glad I threw it out for the asking, as you've given me some great feedback. I wasn't sure whether a more traditional title would be favourable for a kids book, and whether our choices were too off on a tangent.

And now that the title is decided, I can set about planning the first photo shoot and starting work on the cover! Exciting!

The 3rd edition of Going Straight is nearly done, and inbetween all the layout work and swearing at the computer, I've managed to knit a couple more Hats for Bambeanies. (see that? it's even got it's own webpage already, even if it is empty) But work has taken a bit of a back seat this week, as the wee dude has had a nasty tummy bug, and he's needed plenty of mummy cuddles. It's been a tough week and we're all pretty exhausted, but Aran is finally on the mend.

I've managed to grab the odd hour here or there to catch up with some other tasks that have been waiting far too long for my attention, and finally 2 patterns waiting for republishing have been republished! (and let's not mention just how long they've been waiting...)

Firstly, Filigree Beanie

This Hat was first published with Jamieson & Smith at the end of November 2009. After a year the rights reverted back to me (kits are still available from their website) for republishing, except I was wanting to try and get some new photos. We had a wee shoot with Silvia over the holidays but a) time hasn't been on my side and most of the photos remain unedited and b) the photos that have been edited I'm not all that happy with. So I decided to tidy up the existing photos and publish as is. Else it would have been sitting there for months waiting...

These 2 shots are the old photos as they were, I haven't updated the Portfolio photos yet. The ones on the pattern are livelier in colour and contrast. It's a classic beanie with an interesting motif that isn't as complicated to knit as it looks. Worked up in Aran weight yarn, it's a quick knit, and it's style makes it pretty much unisex. Pattern includes 3 sizes, and charted as well as written instructions.

Then we have Lucy

Lucy was first published in Magknits, January 2008. It was one of the last issues before the magazine was pulled. It was up as a free pattern for a while but what it really wanted was a real good tidy up with new charts and fresh tech editing. It's now had all of that, and is available for purchase. (see what I mean about waiting a long time? Dudes, that's 3 years!)

This Hat was originally destined to be in Going Straight, and that's probably why my attention has turned in it's direction, as I've been in sideways mode these last few weeks. Although it is a chullo Hat, it can be made as a regular beanie and notes are included for that.

The Hat includes 3 sizes and is fully charted, but doesn't include written instructions. It was always only ever charts with this one - the lace detail on the panels is central, and it was impossible to create a full chart that covered all sizes, so each size has 2 charts (one of the earflap panel and one for the main panel). The written instructions would have been just as complex, if not more so, so the decision was made. Besides, there's only so much space on a printer friendly layout.

Last night I worked late getting these out to my distributors, so they'll be in print soon too, ready for stores :)

And now I must go make more coffee, as I can hear that the wee dude has woken up and will be wanting his morning cuddles.

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