And here's another!

Thanks for your feedback on these photos in a previous post, it's much appreciated. And as you can see, I went with it!

Waffle Slouch is one of those designs that would suit a wide range of people. Though I've not photos (yet) to show you, it would also look great with shorter hair or on those with big hair, too. It can also be worn in a few different ways, not unlike Strudel.

Using a skein of Cascade 220 or a similar type of worsted, this Hat knits up quickly and easily. The size range given is for those that will knit comfortably from 100g, but don't let that deter you - the pattern is easily scaled up or down should you wish for a size not included.

The pattern is provided in both written and charted format, and is knit in the round, bottom up. The lace on the body is uncomplicated and is an easily remembered 4 round repeat. I love the deep brim on this one, but should you wish, the brim can be knit shorter for a more beret like look. Your Hat, your choice!

It's great to get these patterns finished and published - some of them have been kicking around for quite a while, months and months, waiting for their moment. It's been a summer of admin and tying up loose ends, as well as running around and visiting stores and knitters and I gotta 'fess up that I'm missing designing and knitting. Still, once the backlog is cleared and the ever growing to-do list gets a little shorter, there'll be more work of the knitterly kind.


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