We've arrived safely back to our little patch of Italy. The sun has been shining non stop since we crossed the English channel and my serotonin levels are getting a much needed recharge. It's lovely to be back, settling into our own lives and working at our own pace. And now that the whirlwind is over, I can look back and see how busy and chaotic the summer has been.

The last knitting event on the calendar was Iknit, and it's a show that always signals the end of the summer for me. It was fun, although a little quieter than last year. Class numbers were down right across the board, but on the upside that meant that students got more for their buck, with greater individual tutor time.

All of the students were fabulous, stretching me and wanting to learn. Infact, all of my classes this summer have been the same, which has been fantastic.

Each time I teach a new class or work at a different venue, I learn more about what students desire and where their interests lay. It's great feedback for me, and I can adapt my lessons and note accordingly. I've already started thinking about changing the workshops I teach next year, and possibly adding new topics.

There was also some knitting graffiti to be had, which was fun to catch in progress on the friday morning:

The other great thing about shows is that I get to catch up with my woolly friends, and Iknit is the last time I would see many of them for at least 8 or 9 months. Here's a few shots taken on my fancy new camera:

Despite the summer being so busy and chaotic, it's been a great experience. I've met so, so many knitters and designers and yarnies and tutors and talked yarn and needles until the cows came home. I've signed more books than I could count and shared countless woolly Hat tales. Thank you to everyone who came along and talked with me, it's been a real pleasure!

Now, it's time for us to get back into our normal routine... Aran's back at nursery having fun, Tom's working on the double decker and I'm getting the next new patterns finished.

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