...well, y'know, I have a toddler, a very photogenic toddler, one who looks great in Hats and loves to wear them and he's free and it's easy to arrange a shoot because he's always there and I can always try them on him for fit and check my sizing as I go and well, I'd be daft not to, I guess.

So yeah, I've started the next pattern book. My 4th pattern book. And I'm at least a third of the way through it.

We'll have no comments about workload and madness though, ok? I know I promised myself some time off and a slower pace and that will happen (promises, promises). Once Knit Camp is done I will be kicking back for a bit. I'm not thinking of this project as a book, more making a few Hats for Aran and then putting them all together at the end. It makes a big difference to not think of it as a whole, and instead as lots of mini, quick projects with no complications or deadlines. I need to have something on the needles, something uncomplicated, else I can't relax at all. So these will be my relaxation knits, and we'll go with the flow of the yarn on the needles. Quick, fun, quirky Hats. Perfect.

That's my excuse, anyway.


And yes, Knit Camp! Monday sees me flying to Scotland to join in the fun and frolics of a week of knitting in Stirling. Let's run through my workshops and remind ourselves what we need to bring.

Tuesday, 9.30 - 5

Bring with you whatever you have and whatever you want to discuss. I'll have my digital camera and my laptop with me but if you have those things too, all the better. I'll have some samples of submissions & self published patterns and books to show you, and if you have any that you'd like advice on, bring them along too! Notepad & pen/pencil are also required.

It's an all day workshop and there will be a lot to cover, and most of it will be decided by you, the students, so come prepared with questions & examples!

Wednesday, 9.30 - 12.30

This workshop is all about discovering the wonder that is reversible cables! I have notes & samples for you to work through to get the basics before you start to explore them by yourself.

Yarn is being provided by Jamieson & Smith, and you'll need some 5mm needles too. Do bring a pen/pencil and notepad.

I will be bringing one or two books (flight weight allowance permitting) so if you have any stitch dictionaries you'd like to bring with, then please do.

Thursday, 9.30 - 12.30

A workshop to explore the variety of increases & decreases and to see if we can improve your projects with a better choice of technique!

I have notes and exercises for you to work through to compare the different techniques and we can discuss their suitable uses, pros and cons.

Yarn is being provided by Jamieson & Smith, and you'll need some 5mm needles too. Do bring a pen/pencil and notepad.

Thursday, 2 - 5

Boy, do I have lots of handouts and different types of cast-on's and cast-off's for you to try! We'll be looking at which types suit which purpose and having a go at as many as we can.

You'll need to bring a few extra things with you to this workshop, besides 5mm needles & a pen/pencil and notepad. You'll need a crochet hook to practice provisional cast-on and a tapestry or darning needle for a few different tasks.

There was homework originally set for this workshop by the previous tutor, but if you haven't done it don't worry, it's not necessary for my workshop.


That's me done for now. I'm going to have quiet weekend knitting away on some fun Hats. Tomorrow sees me meeting Binge Knitter in London, which I'm very much looking forward to. See you in Scotland!

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