The 3 days before Carina's wedding saw me and my woolly Hats at Knit Nation in London. I've kinda blogged in reverse order as I took hardly any photos at the show and have borrowed a few from some lovely people to share with you here.

The show was exhausting yet fabulous. Apart from sharing a stand with fantastic friends (and a hotel room too which made for some late night fun) I got to meet and greet many new faces.

Our stand was a co-operative, shared by myself, Babylonglegs, NicsKnots and Atomic Knitting. It was a nice thing to do, as it bought us all together and gave the stand variety which helped draw people in. It also made it manageable for us all to be there, as even a small solo stand at one of the London shows is out of many people's budgets, mine included.

The stand looked grand, don't you think? A fabulous effort from all of us.

I was pleased with the Hat display! These 2 shelving units, all of my Hats and my clothes for the weekend and some books and the display models (folding head models, I'll have you know) and much, much more fit into a giant suitcase that I dragged across London. And when I say dragged, I do mean that. It weighed somewhere between 30kg & 40kg which made for fun at South Kensington tube station.

We had many Hat trying on sessions yet sadly most were photographed by others for others and my camera lay dormant under the table. Most of the time I was too busy to use it, it was that sort of show. Still, we have a few shots to share!

Here's sock monkey wearing the p/hop Stripey Beanie (photo courtesy of Ginger Knits):

Next we have Yarnimals wearing a Dulcie knit in Babylonglegs handspun (photo courtesy of Babylonglegs):

Here's a shot of me with the same sample of Stripey Beanie modelled above with Sock Monkey. P/hop were aiming to get photos of all the designers who have donated a pattern to them with the pattern samples. Photo courtesy of p/hop:

(if you can't tell from this photo that I was absolutely knackered)

The best thing about any show is the people, and this one was no exception. I chatted with Anne Hanson and Clara Parkes and Ravelry Jess, caught up with Ysolda and Queenie and Jeni and Susan again. I saw Wye Sue as a married woman for the first time. Pixeldiva also stopped by, and infact I saw so many friends and knitters it'd be impossible to list everyone. I loved it.

I wasn't able to make the Ravelry party as Tom was taken poorly late saturday afternoon and this Mummy was needed back at home. Thankfully Tom proved to be ok after a couple of days (just in time for Carina's wedding) and we're still not sure what was wrong. So instead of silly photos from the Rav party here's one from our friday night. We were singing and I'll say no more than that.

And while we're on the silly photos here's a shot to prove that my dread pigtails get to wear their very own Hats (thanks again Ginger Knits!):

Hmm... have you noticed how many photos of me are sneaking onto this blog of late? I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this new trend...

Thanks for a great show guys!

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