I will preface this blog post by saying that I'm one of those very lucky people who has more than one best friend, so as not to offend anyone. Just that I couldn't resist that blog title.

Yesterday I had the honour of being bridesmaid to Carina at her wedding. Myself and Carina have known each other a fair few years now, and have seen each other through a more than a few ups and downs. She's a costumier and works for the Guildford School of Acting so we've our love of textiles in common amongst other things. Rob, her now husband, also works in theatre and shares a love of costume too.

There are more formal shots of the bride with bridesmaids, taken before the wedding, but my camera had been taken ahead to the church by Tom so look out for those another time. Actually, I'd say watch out for tagged photos on Facebook.

The Groom and Bride (i.e. Rob and Carina)


Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride and Chief Bridesmaid, heading off to the reception.


Page Boy and Page Boy's Father (i.e. Aran and Tom)


Page Boy, page Boy's Father and Bridesmaid (i.e. us)


The Bride. And yep, the astute will have noticed that she'd gone for vintage styling. I couldn't tell you how long her hair took to set!


The Page Boy being as charming as ever.


The Bridesmaid's Father, also the Page Boy's Grandfather and wife (i.e. my dad & step mum)


Bride and Groom, smooching on the dance floor


The Page Boy being all John Travolta. I can't wait to see the videos!


We had an absolutely fabulous time! Much love and thanks to Carina and Rob, and Linda and Michael, for inviting us, including us and helping make the day what it was. I'm very, very happy to see Carina so happy.

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