My step mum's two sisters & niece have been over for a holiday, staying with my Dad. After my return from Scotland, a day or so before they were due to return to the Ukraine, we had a family day out at the zoo. While we were there we had a wee photo shoot too, for a couple of new designs in progress. A great day out!

In terms of the zoo itself - I can't help but compare with Munich Zoo. The layout at Colchester was confusing, and what with it being the school holidays, it was even more so. My Dad tells me that it's become a lot more crowded since he was last there, a couple of years ago, and that saddens me. The animals have become more compact with less individual space and that's simply not right. That said, most of the animals seemed to be coping well and infact many were rather frisky.

This is the mother & daughter team that happily modelled a few of my new Hats for me. They both look stunning in the photos and I can't wait to share more of them with you.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead