Here we are, back in England! The journey was a pleasant and straightforward one with few problems. As always, it's taking a while settling in as we catch up with family and friends so I've been a little absent. We're gearing up for the madness that this summer will hold by planning our routes and campsites and shopping like mad for the all the things we can't get or afford elsewhere.

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I've been lusting after new dreads. Not that I regret cutting my old ones off as they were in a bit of a state and they just weren't giving me the happies anymore. Still, I don't feel myself without them so when the idea of wool dreads struck I had a little happy dance.

There will be tutorials on how to make, dye and fit these babies but in the meantime here are a few rare shots of me sporting my new locks. I love 'em. They're not real dreads and they won't be around forever (although I hope they last long enough for natural dreads to start to grow) yet they're letting this lass be a real Woolly Wormhead once more.

The felting & dyeing was my handiwork and my step-mum fitted them. Although she's trained to various levels in hairdressing she'd never done braids or extensions before - hasn't she done a fantastic job? They are tight at the roots hence the scalp being visible, and so they should be to start with. Once my hair starts to grow and the extensions settle in they'll look a little more natural. Well, about as natural as 122 deep aubergine felted wool dreads can look, anyway.

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