Yey for all the woolly dread love!

I have to say that the response to them overwhelmed me a bit. Made me blush even. And now I don't know what to say again! You could say I'm a bit useless at accepting compliments. Thank you for all your wonderful comments, I really am chuffed that you love them as much as I do.

Tutorials will follow, I promise, and I'll share everything we've learnt about making and fitting such lovely woolly babies. They are so comfortable to wear and so, so light; quite refreshing after the natural dreads.

Tha madness has been continuing here - I've been trying to fit in what work I can around visiting family and friends with varying degrees of success. It's been lovely to catch up with people, to have long talks on the phone or sit and natter over cups of tea. Lovely. I do miss my woolly friends muchly when we're away.

Sorting out campsites and final routes for the tour has added to the madness. Would you believe that most of the campsites around the Leeds area are 18+ only? Or that a small bus-come-self-build-motorhome may be too large for some campsites? (Ok, that's more believable) It hasn't been as easy as you think trying to find somewhere to park up, given that it's peak season. On mainland Europe it doesn't matter so much as there are plenty of free places to park for the night and our solar panels and batteries can keep the fridge running for a couple of days so we can live wild happily. But not so in the UK where that kind of thing is either illegal or expensive. Nonetheless it's all sorted now and tomorrow sees us hit the road again, heading off for the first leg of the tour!


Keen to have some lovely things to offer along the route I've had these badges printed:


And let's not forget the limited edition Business Card Pattern that's exclusive to the tour:

Do come along and visit one of the tour venues and grab yourself some little goodies. Go on, you know you want to.

Despite the bribery goodies, I would love to meet folk and share knitting talk and try on Hats and take photos and meet more knitting folk and try on some more Hats and eat cake and drink lots of wine tea and generally have a really, really good time. I'm excited and nervous all in one!

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