The little dude has been poorly this last week, though he's thoroughly on the mend now. After his fever went above 39 degrees last sunday we got him down to the emergency doctor to be told he'd got Strep Throat. A rash followed that thankfully only lasted 24hrs but it gave us a bit of a fright. It's been a daily fight trying to get the antibiotics down him, being as he's a bit too smart to fall for any trick twice, but we've soldiered on and now it's pretty much a distant memory.

Like any poorly toddler, Aran's been in need of extra attention and entertaining. His current favourite thing to do is riding a bike. Any bike that he can get on, he's not fussy. This old battery powered toy scooter has been readily adopted. Thankfully it doesn't go very fast.

Yeah, this helmet's a bit big but it makes him feel all grown up.

Hey Swapna, he's wearing one of the shirts you sent him! A perfect fit, and ideal for helping him keep cool of an evening. Doesn't he look dapper?

As much as the toy scooter is fun, his favourites are trikes, and there's a fair few to choose from. He'll happily cycle up and down the Yard all day if we'd let him. Thankfully there's enough space around, and safe enough too. This boy has inherited his fathers' love of wheels and his mothers' independence; there's no stopping him now.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead