Finally, later today, we'll be starting our long journey. I've been mentally ready for weeks and frustration has been getting the better of me (as it does). It has however given me plenty of time to plan my journey activities. With Aran safely strapped in his seat and with me sat squarely at the back of the bus I can happily keep myself occupied in ways a normal day wouldn't allow.

So, my list of things to do include (in no particular order):

  1. Read Knittgrrl's Guide to Professional Knitwear Design (from the e-book - the print version will meet me sometime in England)
  2. Reknit some samples from Going Straight. I've been meaning to do this forever and since I was very good the other week and sorted out my yarn stash, there's a few balls put aside purely for this purpose. I'm thinking Strudel, Windward and Dulcie and then whatever else I fancy.
  3. Finish reformatting both Wee Woolly Toppers and Going Straight. No wait, I need to start reformatting both of these first. That also means I need to finish redrafting all of the remaining charts for the patterns in GS. Hmm. This one may be a little on the optimistic side.
  4. Get on with the design in progress that my brain hasn't had enough time to think about this week. This one is more achievable, and out of interest, it's one of the mystery designs for the now annual Mystery KAL in November!
  5. Tie up the loose ends on patterns that are nearly ready for (re)publishing.
  6. Entertain the design ideas I've been having lately for toddler Hats, yet at the same time safely push the new book idea (of toddler Hats) into a dusty corner of my mind where it may be forgotten for a while.
  7. Get the workshop notes in order. Most of them are done yet there are a few new workshop topics for me this year, giving me the perfect excuse to get all geeky about increases & decreases & cast-on techniques and what not.

I'm sure there's more but I reckon that's enough to be getting on with for now. Not that I'm overloading myself or anything. Honestly, I'm not, this is planning. And most of it will get done (except the new book idea which I mustn't entertain or reformatting the old books)

Tom's fitting the new bike rack to the back of the bus as I type, Aran's out there helping him after having fun at his farewell party at nursery (where they had lots of healthy cake and gifted him with mini Tonkas!). Meanwhile, I'm practicing patience.

We'll be on the road for a few days and we'll likely be without internet access during that time - most of Europe is without free wifi. Bear with us if you email and we don't get back to you straight away.

See you when we arrive, we're looking forward to seeing friends & family again and meeting folk on the tour!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead