Trenza, which was originally published in Yarn Forward magazine back in December, is now available to purchase separately.

The pattern has been reformatted and re-tech edited so that it fits into my pattern style & layout. And at £2.50, it falls into the lower price range too. The brim is knit sideways on straight needles and grafted for a seam free finish. The body is then picked up from the brim and worked vertically. As always, it's available in 3 sizes and has both written and charted instructions (chart shows the brim stitch repeat)

I was really pleased with these photos when we took them last summer - my step sister brings a different perspective to the camera/photo compared to Silvia or the others. Though it struck me that they both have strong European features; Silvia being Italian and my step-sister being Ukrainian, and I'd never really thought about that before.

Having the rights revert back after a period of time is something I both appreciate and respect. After all, the shelf life of a magazine or book is only so long, even with digital formats, yet single patterns can live on for much longer. Don't ask me why, that's just the way things seem to be. Allowing the designer to continue to use their own work keeps the pattern alive and working relationships happy.

We're getting closer to leaving, as the plot gets tidied up and Barp gets prepped for her long drive. Having spent the last few days knee deep in accounts and admin, it's now my job to give Barp a thorough internal clean and move everything out that we won't be taking. Thankfully the latter task won't be a heavy one, as much of what we didn't take last year is still in the spare trailer.

At the moment, I'm not adding any more dates to the UK tour. It's tricky trying to fit everyone in, and match up locations, and as much as we'd love to we simply can't get to see everyone. I've had to admit to myself that I need to be a little more careful with my health too. The CFS has crept back again, I can feel it, and this isn't something I can ignore; tried that before and it took several years to get my energy levels half decent again. I'm not taking on any deadline work, so once my summer jaunts are done, that'll be the last of my commitments until I can see an improvement in my health. I always seem to be saying that I need to lighten my workload and this time my body has given my a big hint to do just that.

Before I dash off and get cleaning, I must thank you for the wonderful response to the Business Card Pattern! The idea seems to have gone down rather well - am so chuffed you like it :) I have knitted a Hat from it for Aran.. I'm waiting until we get back to England to get a photo of him wearing it; it's way too hot here for the wee fella.

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