Life is getting busy here as we get ourselves ready for the long drive back.

One of the first things we've needed to do is to rearrange the the plot so we can get the double decker in comfortably. The new bus isn't finished yet, but we'd like to have her in place before we leave, so we don't have to come back to the heavy work - sorta like doing all the housework before you go on holiday so that you can come home to a tidy place. It took a few days of sorting stuff and getting sweaty and dirty (Tom mostly, I will confess) and the first stage is now done.

Yep, the shed is a tad rusty. If it had been craned it might well have fallen apart. Instead the plan was to empty it and move it on the fork-lift which worked a treat. The only drawback is that everything has to be packed away inside it again.

Sheila's trailer was easier to move - it's short trip around the Yard is the longest journey it's had in a while! Spot the double decker in the background?

And now everything is back in it's place, mostly. It doesn't look any different from before except it's a couple of metres forward and a metre over, which gives us much more space for getting the bus in. Once the shed is repacked we need to trim the trees and move Barp out... the new bus will go where Barp is now, to the rear of the plot, and Barp will park behind it for easy access.

Other preparations include getting new business cards sorted for the tour. Having been mostly useless at the marketing game I figured it was about time I got something sorted, and had a cunning plan or two.

These business cards were printed by Moo. They now do normal business card sizes and I have to say, they look pretty swanky. I opted for uploading 20 different photos from my patterns for a mix and match set, with the blurb on the back.

Seeing these, all printed up and looking rather fab, reminds me that the Photos Project - getting all of my pattern photos remodelled and improving the camera skills - has been the most worthwhile thing ever. Seriously, these cards wouldn't have looked anywhere near as good 18 months ago.

But I didn't stop at 200 of those beauties; I got 200 these as well..

Struck with the nifty idea of writing a Hat pattern that would fit on one side of a business card, I set about doing some maths and creating a quick pattern. Not the easiest task; you'd be surprised how wordy even the most basic of patterns can be. But I ploughed on, and it's done. It had to be a simple Hat - there wasn't space for anything else - but it's fun and a bit quirky and perfect.

The business card pattern please me - it's a fun freebie to give away at shows and shops, pocket-sized and more portable than an A4 sheet, but it also allows those who are not familiar with my patterns to see what my writing style is like, kinda like a taste of an authors or artists work similar to the photo business cards, only in written form. Website & email blurb is on the reverse, same as the photo cards.

There's still lots to be done, and we're getting there. Only a few weeks 'till we depart!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead