I've been spinning!

Oh yes indeedy, Hitch came out and had a dusting down, and has seen her first action in 3 yrs.

Here we have 95m, 60g of a merino blend yarn. The pink/red mix is some hand dyed fibre that Knitting On The Green gifted me 4 or 5 years ago (she dyed it herself) and the blue/green is either BFL or Falkland Merino cross that I hand dyed some time way back when.

There was no planning involved - I simply grabbed two lovely lumps of fibre and started spinning. There were some long lengths and some not so long lengths of each colour, so I had an inkling how they would blend when plied and that there might be some self stripping going on.

There's a few lumps and bumps - I'm a little out of practice but that's cool. Perfection wasn't the aim, spinning for the sheer pleasure of was.

Though I have to say I kinda got a little bored towards the end of spinning the singles, and it kinda reminded me why I stopped selling my handspun and spinning so much... I love it but only in small doses, the patience to do it too often isn't there. Especially with a toddler around who is far too curious about this strange wheel that isn't attached to a truck.

Being as I'd already thrown caution to the wind with the lack of planning, I wound the yarn without setting the spin and started knitting. Tri-Peak was chosen, as that seemed the ideal pattern for handspun in limited supply. The yarn gave me almost perfect chunky gauge at 16sts to 10cm/4" so 78 sts were cast on and I knit round and round until the yarn ran out. The crown was finished with a crochet bind-off, my fave method for this type of Hat.

It does make me look like a hippy, especially with the sun kissed skin and wayward hair (which still hasn't calmed down since my dreads were cut off. I hate it at this stage and it's making me miss my dreads but we won't go there). Not that there's anything wrong with hippies.

I'm pleased with it, it's been fun to make. And it will be worn - having short hair once again means I get to wear many more Hats!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead