As I'm not able to sleep this evening, I thought now would be as good a time as any to share photos of the new bus in progress. It'll be a good distraction for my brain and I get to keep my promise of updating :)

This is a rough plan that Tom drew up for the lower deck:

This plan doesn't have any dimensions on it, but the length of the bus is just shy of 9.5m. It's actually longer on the upper deck, or rather there's more internal space to play with (no cab or rear engine in the way) but that at least gives you an idea.

Tom's been making good progress with the kitchen and living area build. The first shots here are of the kitchen in progress, which is being built around the rather large wheel arches - bringing in a standard set of kitchen units wouldn't work with the bus features, so building custom units around them is the only way to make good use of the space.

The front wheel arches on this model would normally have seats on them, with a step to help you reach them (if you've been on a double decker, you'll know exactly what I mean) These steps had to come out to widen the kitchen, and then make it easier for the units to fit over the arches - as much as we want to keep the original features of the bus, steps in the kitchen are a bit of a hazard.

Wherever there are access points to the mechanics of the bus, Tom's not blocking them up completely so that she can still be kept roadworthy. 

The kitchen now has it's worktop and the opposite side is also built and the sink nearly fitted, so more photos to come of that!

Towards the back of the bus, the rear wheel arches are not as big and are easier to accommodate. The rear steps (to where the seats would have been, similar to the front) are also staying - there's no need for them to come out here and we kind like having them.

Unlike the seating in our current bus, it won't all be storage underneath. If there were, that would be some serious cupboard space as the seats in there are big. Huge. Still, we've managed to find a few nooks and crannies for extra storage.

The back of the seats is now on and extra cupboards built, and this part is pretty much ready for upholstery so I'll let you know how that goes. We know how we're I'm making the seating cushions, yet we're still to find an affordable source for upholstery fabrics here. We'll be using foam mattresses from Ikea as the base (cut to length etc) yet their fabrics are not ideal at all.

Well, that's all the photos I have for now yet there will be more, I promise. I'll leave you with a shot of the little dude trying to be like is Daddy. He calls the double decker 'truck house' and loves to be in there as often as possible, which isn't always practical.

Now let's see if my brain will switch off so I can get some sleep.

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