Tom has arrived in the West Country safely and has been to see our new bus - here are some photos he took on his mobile phone that have just arrived in my inbox. Right now, I know little more than you and of course promptly replied with a mile long list of questions (to which I am still awaiting a response, but knowing Tom and knowing that he's staying with his best friend whilst over there, I won't get my answers until he gets back here)

Prepare yourself for an onslaught of beds...

It's a 1983 British Leyland Titan, so at that age she won't be looking her best. But that's fine, it's mostly cosmetic and we haven't brought her for jaunting around Europe in, she's going to be our base bus and more static than our ever faithful Barp. And she cost us less than Barp too, which is super cheap. (hey, most people spend more on their new car than we've spent on our new home!)

While I was in Liverpool last weekend, Tom put his spare time to use and did some research based on the number plate, and would you know you can find out all sorts of things about out of service buses.

We discovered that the new bus started life as a London bus (of course!) and worked the routes from Plumstead bus garage, which is where we used to live. Our flat was a mile from the bus garage. Spooky. After the bright lights of the big city began to fade, she moved north and worked the roads of Liverpool. Even spookier, when you think that's where I was when I learnt all this, staying with the lovely Susan.

And the real clincher? Here she is in service as a Merseyside bus. Cool huh!

The wheels on the bus go round and round....

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