Tom leaves in the morning to go and collect the new bus. As you probably know double deckers aren't the fasted beasts on the planet and he'll be gone for the best part of the week, all being well. It'll be just me and the boy during that time, and the chances of me napping let alone knitting are slim. As you'd expect the worry gene is causing allsorts of mayhem... will the bus arrive in one piece? Will it break down enroute? Will Tom be safe? Will Aran and myself survive the week without screaming at each other? Will the bus make it through the Alps without losing it's 2nd floor to a tunnel?

To distract the sads and the worry gene I thought we'd have a little fun. I'm going to give away 2 digital copies of Twisted Woolly Toppers (i.e. the PDF download) to 2 people (i.e. one copy each) who can correctly answer these questions:

  1. At what age did I knit my first jumper? (that's a sweater to many of you)
  2. And at what age did I design my first jumper?

The answers are out there on the interwebs; there've been a few interviews with me of late, either in podcasts or on blogs, so you don't need to call yourself Sherlock to be in with a chance.

You'll need to answer both questions correctly and make sure you fill in your email address in the required field (so that I know where to send the download link, of course) If more than 2 people get the answers correct there'll be a draw. It doesn't matter if you've already got a copy of TWT - a PDF is always handy to have alongside a print copy, or you can gift it. Closing date is the date the new bus arrives here, whenever that is.

Good luck!

And forgive me if the grumps take over temporarily; it won't be long before the happies kick in at the sight of our new home.

PS/ bot spammers have been a bit busy of late, so comment moderation is on until they give up and go elsewhere.

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