It's time to draw the winners for the TWT competition posted a few weeks ago... Tom arrived back last friday night, and the arrival of the new bus was the closing date.

The correct answers to the questions are:

I knitted my first jumper aged 9, and designed my first jumper aged 14.

Indeed, it was a top down raglan and I did all the maths, calculated the ratios etc based on gauge, and yes, it fit me and I wore it to school. Sadly the notes and pattern are long lost. (or maybe not so sadly, that was the '80's after all)

The two lucky winners of a digital copy of Twisted Woolly Toppers drawn randonly out of the Hat are Jo and Alexandra - Congratulations!

In my infinite wisdom I've stored all the entry comments in a folder, so if you haven't had an email from me in the next 24 hrs or so it means I've lost said folder and will need your email address again.

Many thanks to everyone who entered!

The blog tour for TWT has two new posts - last week it stopped by Faina's Knitting Mode, a fellow designer who has been published with IK, Knitscene and more. This week the tour has stopped by Tot Toppers, another designer and Hat lover, and someone I've gotten to know online over the last 6 mths or so. Do pop by and read both entries - it's great to see/read their different perspectives and how they view my designs.

As well as these 2 stops on the tour, Susan B Anderson (author of the Itty Bitty book series) posted a wonderful review of TWT last night and I feel honoured that not only has she taken to the time to share her thoughts, but also that she's a fan of my Hats! Chuffed, me is :)

Ok - that's enough about me. Back to my knitting/designing, which is slow going due to a lovely stuffy head cold. Tom's making progress in the bus but not a lot of photo worthy stuff to share yet. Soon, I promise.

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