Tom and the bus arrived here at around 10.30pm last night! The last few hours were a killer, as we counted down the kilometres, made all the more exciting and nerve racking by everyone following along on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks guys for all your amazing support - it's wonderful to have Tom back, to feel the relief of a completed journey and experience the whole new space that will be our home.

Life is slowly returning to normal. We've all been enjoying lots of sleep and daytime naps together, which is lovely. I've still a few work emails to catch up on, which will be done within the next few days, and I'm sure you'll understand my not replying as quickly as I normally do.

As promised, photos taken today of the new bus. She is very much a work in progress - it'll be a few months before we're living her properly (we're aiming to be in late autumn ready for winter, if not sooner) and we haven't yet worked out how everything will fit and how the space will be divided up, though we have a few plans.

Basically, the upper deck will be our bedrooms (Aran to the rear of the stairwell, us to the front) with possibly a small office for me upstairs too. Rear downstairs will be sofa and seating, media and bookshelves, middle downstairs (next to the stairwell) will be dining area and woodburner, and the front will be the kitchen. This is all still talk and may change but the space and the current fittings (wheel arches etc) lend themselves well to these plans.

She's insulated throughout, though we may need to redo around the blocked up windows. There's a wiring skeleton already in place, with 240v plug sockets throughout, so the hard work is already done. All we need to do it tidy things up and build in our furniture! And why am I the only one who doesn't like the existing curtains?

Tom's also been keeping a mobile blog of his journey here: We'll be blogging the progress of her conversion, so do follow along and see how our home develops :)

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