Hoorah, hoorah - Tom and the bus are finally on their way!

There's always red tape to deal with when buying a new vehicle and it only takes one party to drag their heels to hold everything else up - this has been our problem this last week. Finally though, after several nudges to the insurance company and the DVLA revealing we can get a temporary logbook, we're all set, and the ferry is booked for tonight. It'll be late sunday or early monday before Tom arrives back here (all being well) but at least he is now on the move and the end is in sight. We're counting down the days! Well I am, Aran can't count and he doesn't know what days are yet.

I can't wait to see our new home and get inside and feel all of that space! It's going to be weird, as we've gotten so used to living in such a small space. I'm fairly sure there's more room in that double decker than we had in out flat in London.

The lack of sleep this last week has triggered my worry gene, and one thing that's been on my mind is the kitchener book, Kitchener Unravelled. The idea to do this project first came three years ago, whilst doing all the grafting tutorials for Going Straight and has been in slow progress ever since. I've developed a love-hate relationship with it and it's currently on hold because the pressure was getting too much. There's never been a book of this kind, and with GS being the only book in print with such indepth tutorials, I was feeling the burden of getting it out and getting it right.

Now all of a sudden there's lots of interest, with Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting both publishing articles about kitchener. I knew the IK one was coming, I heard through the grapevine, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised the VK has put one out at exactly the same time... that kinda indicates the demand for decent grafting knowledge, methinks.

I can't help feeling that the wind has been taken out of my sails a bit, it's only natural when you've taken on such a huge project and one of the big guys beats you to it. Well, they haven't beaten me to it exactly, but my book won't be the fresh idea that it was when it gets to print. Others might say that I should have got it out before now but it's never that black and white.

The defeatist, low self esteem part of me feels like giving it up, admitting that this sort of thing should be left to the big players, and heck, who the hell am I for thinking anyone would take any notice of me? The arrogant side of me wants to see it through to prove that this little fringe indie is as good as anyone else and is quite capable of pippin them to the post. And the rational side of me says it's ridiculous to be thinking like this, when all they've done is a publish a couple of articles in magazines, and tells me to get a grip.

Anyhows, the whole point of this waffle is to get myself a reality check. To air my thoughts and stop the worry gene spiralling out of control. After finishing Twisted Woolly Toppers I promised myself a slower pace and I'm gonna do just that. The kitchener book will be done whenever and the pressure and expectations can go bother someone else. If someone else publishes a book on the same subject I'll consider myself credited for putting the idea out into the universe. Right now, I'm happy working on small projects and single designs and that's fine.

And talking of small projects, here's some of the latest secret knitting. Pretty pictures to make up for my spiel. After my current deadline pieces are finished I want to get spiral playing again and make some big, sculptutal and freeform Hats! You gotta have fun, right?

ETA - after reading back over this post I realise my rational side is right, and it is ridiculous to be thinking like this. But hey, that's what my worry gene is good at and it is a law unto itself. On the plus side - I get lots and lots of email asking how to graft ribbing or moss (seed) stitch - now there are other articles to help answer these questions! Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say....

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