Lone parenting a toddler is tough, especially when said toddler outright refuses his daytime naps. Thankfully though he is at least sleeping at night, which is an improvement on the last time Tom went away. I'm exhausted and can't muster the energy to email or talk to anyone. As soon as Aran falls asleep of an evening I'm not far behind him.

Tom is still in Bristol, waiting for the red tape to sort itself out. It'll be a 3 or 4 day drive once he gets on the road, and we still don't know when he'll be leaving. All this waiting around is getting frustrating for both of us; being in limbo is never fun.

Still, myself and the boy are trying our best to keep ourselves busy. We've had mostly good weather so Aran has been playing outside with his mountain of trucks. Today we've got a friend giving us a lift so Aran can go to nursery, which will give me a few hours to catch up on sleep and rest. We'll manage.

Yesterday I took the camera out on our walk to the river, along with 2 of the recent Hats. This pattern is in the testing/editing phase and isn't too far from being ready. This post needs some photos to cheer me up, so here they are.

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