This week sees Twisted Woolly Toppers visit the Binge Knitters' blog for an interview with me! I've come to know Katya, a fellow designer, online and I'm really pleased she has joined us on the tour. Katya asked me some interesting questions and I did enjoy answering them - do pop over and have a read.

This past weekend saw the launch of TWT and it was fun to set up a stand with all of the Hats (on swanky new display stands no less), new banners and lay out the freshly printed books for all to see.

The show was Make Do and Knit in Liverpool, organised by the ever lovely Just Call Me Ruby. Knitters (and Ravellers) and crafters turned out for the event and I think it's safe to say that everyone enjoyed themselves.

As well as a gorgeous array of yarns and fabric and vintage buttons for sale from the vendors, there were also other things of interest:

This giant installation stood at the far end of the main hall and if you were there and missed it, well, I'd start to wonder how you missed it. It was huge. It was fantastic.

Another woolly delight was the knitted poem. Again, it was huge... almost too huge you could say, as it was impossible to see it in it's entirety. Draped across the pews in the buildings' chapel the amount of work it must have taken to complete was all too clear.

Shamefully, I still don't know which poem it is. Hopefully someone in the know will leave a comment and tell us. Isn't it amazing? I loved these large installations and all that they stood for - I've been out of touch with knitted (and textile) art for a while now and seeing these pieces got my creativity churning.

As always with these events I got to catch up with woolly friends and talk and smile and share time. Both Babylonglegs and Just Call Me Ruby deserve special credit for letting me sleep over, eat all their food and run me around - thank you my lovelies!

Now I'm in recovery mode. Wonderful trip as it was (and it really was) it's worn me out. I missed my boys terribly and have been making up for lost time with them. I have some fresh design commissions to work on and other new design ideas to follow through... keen to avoid burnout I'm going to work at my own pace and have my quality family time too.

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