Twisted Woolly Toppers has made it's 2nd stop on the blog tour, this week visiting Babylonglegs. BLL is not only a friend but also a Woolly Wormhead test knitter and has test knit 3 Hats from TWT. Pop over and read a behind the scenes account of the design process! Every Hat in TWT was test knit in each size at least once, often more, and all of the patterns went through 3 stages of tech editing - we were as thorough as we could be.

This weekend sees the official book launch of the new book at the Make, Do and Knit fair this weekend in Liverpool. My journey starts today, flying into Stansted which is always fun (well, flying is; Stansted isn't) I'll be away from today until next wednesday (31st) although I'll have my new netbook with me and hopefully internet access, so I shouldn't be too far out of reach.

Before I depart I'll leave you with this photo:

We've bought a new bus! It's still in England and it will be a couple of weeks before it gets here so you'll just have to wait to hear and see more about it. But yeah, we've bought a double decker bus :D

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